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EDM.com Spotlight

He Made Music Out of What?! DJ Uses NYC Streets to Make a Trap Tune

Get rid of your sample packs! Instead you should take to the streets to make you next killer tune!

The Dutch producer took to the streets of New York to remix a trap track completely out of sounds taken from the urban environment. With a whole day spent recording audio like soccer ball kicks, keys jingling, and greetings from hotel valet, the producer – Arjen Lubach – took to the studio to break down exactly how music can be remixed from natural occurring noise.

Although the noises are altered significantly to produce more of an "EDM sound", the notion of using naturally occurring sound rather than computer produced sound is actually incredibly impressive. Who knows, maybe the next big tune could be sourced from the hiss of your radiator, or the honking of a taxi driving by. It's certainly an interesting to consider that the sky really is the limit when creating music!

To get into the nitty gritty to see how he did it, watch the full video. Or hit play to skip ahead to hear the track!

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