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Moby Gives Advice to Bieber, Shares Opinion of Trump & More [WATCH]

In honor of his new book, Porcelain: A Memoir, dance music icon Moby sat down with Steve Paikin of The Agenda for a 10-question interview that touched on everything from the democratization to pop stardom to the Presidential Election.

In response to a question about how advancements in technology have changed accessibility and the landscape of music creation, Moby asserts that it hasn't necessarily made everything easier. What technology has really done, in his eyes, is make it easier to make mediocre music.

"There is a lot of very benign mediocrity out there."

The conversation eventually lands on Justin Bieber, and Moby makes a fascinating point, asking how this impacts a person neurochemically: "What's the brain of someone like when you've only ever known pop stardom?" He almost sounds empathetic, because all fame is all Bieber's ever known. Moby's then asked what advice he would give to the young global sensation.

"I guess my advice would be, 'Enjoy yourself, but just understand that there's a better than likely chance, at some point, the gravy train stops running. Look at other teens stars, and see what they've done wrong and see what they've done right. With someone like Justin Bieber it would just be sad if 10 years from now, 20 years from now, he's bitter and incapable of going to the grocery store... 'Go out and learn how to live. And at some point in your life, be open to the idea of being interested in other things.' This might sound very naive of me, but 'At some point, learn to be of service.' Ultimately, I think having a higher purpose, not being just self-interested, is what leads to lasting happiness."

When asked about the Presidential Election, Moby immediately references a dystopian totalitarian future from a science fiction book before going on to explain what type of president he thinks Donald Trump would make.

"I think he would be the absolute worst president the United States has ever seen, but it amazes me that anyone would take him seriously. If you ask someone in the states, if you were to go to them and say, 'Okay, your pipes are broken, would you hire a plumber who has no plumbing experience?' They'd say 'Of course not.' 'Okay, why would you be interested in hiring a president who has no experience?' Donald Trump's only experience is bankrupting companies and self-promoting and running a beauty pageant... I don't know anyone that doesn't think he's just an orange buffoon. It baffles me that 46 percent of America, at present, is willing to handle the nuclear codes to this guy who just bankrupts casinos."

Tell us what you really think, Moby! But even when it comes to Hillary and Bernie, Moby thinks that people are, in general, focusing on the wrong things as they care too much about the personalities and not enough about the issues.

"I don't care about these personalities, I care about the issues. I care about climate change, the environment, education, immigration, health care and the actual issues and who's going to do the best job working on them. I don't care who the person is. They're politicians. You hire them to do a job... They're neither demons nor deities. They are just civil servants."

He finishes the interview explaining what happened when he learned Trump got the nomination...

"To be honest with you... I actually did google how to apply for a Canadian citizenship."

Watch the full interview with Steve Paikin below.

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