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EDM.com Spotlight

Electric Daisy Carnival Saw Significantly Fewer Medical Problems Than Last Year

For its 20th anniversary event, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas drew 401,000 fans, around 135,000 per night to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The celebration was a massive success.

Not only were the sights and sounds on point, but the safety and health measures taken proved to be a great success, as there were significantly less medical problems this year compared to previous years. Lower temperatures may also have contributed.

Fewer than half as many people sought medical attention at EDC this year compared to last year's event, according to Las Vegas police. Fewer were hospitalized and there were no deaths or serious injuries at the festival, which has become known as the largest EDM event in North America.

Only 17 were hospitalized and 617 people were treated for minor ailments throughout the weekend. Many of those treated were for heat-related discomfort, according to reports. This was a huge reduction from 2015, when there were over 1,400 medical calls, 27 hospitalizations and one death.

Insomniac went to great lengths to focus on health and safety and remind attendees to be careful. The EDC app even sent push notifications with friendly reminders to drink water.

When the bassPOD stage caught fire from a malfunctioning pyrotechnic device early on Sunday, only one crew member experienced slight burns and the fire was quickly extinguished with no other issues.

The percentage of arrests, misdemeanor charges and citations were also notably low. Even the traffic jams were gone by noon on Monday.

Cheers to a successful and safe weekend under the electric sky! Way to go Insomniac and way to go fans for looking out for the fam!

Source: wiscnews.com