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EU Referendum: How Thursday’s Vote May Affect The Music Industry

You know this already. Chances are you’re tired of this already… Over the last two months we’ve been subject to a bombardment of shock and awe tactics from all sides. One-sided, heavily-manipulated figures have been thrown around dangerously and fear has, sadly, been used as vehicle far too many times.

Real facts are thin on the ground, ill-informed opinions are in abundance and a realistic forecast on what might happen if our tiny little island decides it really is better off working in isolation and not part of a major economic force isn’t possible… We truly don’t know what will happen if that’s the majority vote.

But still, that hasn’t stopped up prodding and poking behind the rhetoric and fearmongering and asking four individuals from behind the scenes of our side of the music industry: a label manager, artist manager, publicist and promoter who are all highly active within bass music. From the release to the rave, these are real opinions on how the EU referendum from real people who ensure you enjoy your favourite music and nights out.

SPOILER: This is a long read. Anything of substance regarding this subject has to be.

SPOILER #2: PLEASE VOTE! As the youngest demographic eligible to have a say in this matter, the decision will affect our lives longer than anyone else’s...

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