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10 Tracks That Will Be On Your Summer Soundtrack According to Shazam

Every summer has a signature soundtrack and 2016 is certainly no exception. That being said, music-identification tech company Shazam have made their predictions of what this year’s soundtrack will be sure to include.

Based off of statistics from UK & US Shazam Charts-- which include number of downloads on the app and total number of Shazam user scans-- Shazam has comprised a list of the songs you’ll be hearing this summer.

Their bets have officially been placed and the results are not too shocking. Coming in at #1 and #2 of the list is Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ and Drake’s ‘One Dance,’ racking in over 5.1 million Shazam scans in total.

However, the reigning category falls under the EDM genre. With tracks like ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by the Chainsmokers and ‘This is What You Came For’ by Rihanna and Calvin Harris topping the charts.

"Our predictive data is powered by a global community of hundreds of millions of listeners and are a great barometer of the summer's biggest songs. This year was particularly tough as there are so many great songs with breakout potential. The 2016 list includes superstars like Keith Urban and emerging artists like LANco and Bishop Briggs. Their tracks are trending up and haven’t yet peaked but are gaining traction or demonstrating a Shazam spike in a specific region." - Shazam CEO Rich Riley

According to Shazam’s formulations, EDM isn't the biggest feature for this summer, but check out what 10 songs you’ll be blasting all season.

1. Drake's "One Dance"

The tropical track has been on a tear since its release, dancing straight to No. 1 on the U.S. and UK Shazam charts. The track has reached 3.5 million worldwide Shazams and shows no signs of slowing down.

2. Desiigner's "Panda"

Desiigner's unexpected hit has 1.6 million Shazams, placing it at No. 7 on the Shazam U.S. Chart. "‘Panda’ is poised to continue to be a major hit throughout the summer," says Riley.

3. Calvin Harris and Rihanna's "This Is What You Came For"

The sequel to their dizzying 2011 hit "We Found Love" garnered more than 345,000 Shazams in its first week. "If early reaction is any indication, it seems likely to be a track played across dance floors all summer long," says Riley.

4. Kiiara's "Gold"

Illinois native Kiiara's already found success down under with "Gold" which reached No. 5 on Australian charts, and Shazam metrics say she's bound for similar success in the states.

5. The Strumbellas' "Spirits"

With more than 1 million Shazams since its release, "Spirits" sits at No. 33 on the Worldwide Shazam chart. The Strumbellas' self-described "folk popgrass" sound could be this summer's dark horse.

6. gnash feat. olivia o’brien's "I Hate U, I Love U"

The breakout single by gnash and olivia o’brien is scaling the Worldwide Shazam chart -- it's currently at No. 46 -- with more than 500,000 Shazams since its release. The downbeat track is a nontraditional song of summer nominee, but listeners seeking something different from dancefloor fillers will gravitate to it.

7. Jason Derulo's "If It Ain’t Love"

Jason Derulo's latest club-ready single has already amassed over 400,000 Shazams since its release, and is currently No. 43 on the Shazam U.S. Chart.

8. Dua Lipa's "Hotter Than Hell"

The follow up to the British singer and model’s hit "Be The One," "Hotter Than Hell" is poised to burn up the charts this summer.

9. Era Istrefi's "Bonbon"

The Albanian songstress, who brings to mind both Sia and Rihanna, is seeing global success with the bilingual "Bonbon." Reaching the top 25 of the Shazam Worldwide Chart with just over 1.5 million Shazams, "Bonbon" proves the boundary-transcending power of a good beat.

10. Keith Urban's "Wasted Time"

With more than 120,000 Shazams since its release, "Wasted Time" is already one of the biggest country hits of 2016.

Source: Billboard Magazine