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The King Of Night Bass, AC Slater, Held Down His Crown At Coachella 2016 And He’s Taking His Summer Tour To Another Level

By Melissa Mushaka

AC Slater King of the party scene, has kicked off a mega 8 show tour this summer. Released his amazing EP which dropped on May 26th and a creatively addictive music video to Bass Inside . Plus, he killed it in the Yuma tent at this years 2016 Coachella, not once but both weekends. AC is also slated to perform at the 25th anniversary at this years Lollapalooza — and 2016 is only at the halfway mark. Catching up with him over a chilled glass of white wine in Los Angeles was as refreshing as it sounds. The energy that AC brings to the stage is just as prominent in person as well as contagious. Learning more about his journey and the odds he has overcome will inspire any DJ, artist or human being period to persist, believe, and simply just do you! Cheers to you AC Slater!

AC: I started a series, a summer phase’s series its kind of like a summer long thing. It’s not really a tour I guess, it’s more of like a series of shows. Its only 8 shows so it’s spread out throughout like the summer.

Mm: Yea it ends in like the end of August right?

AC: Yes, Yes!

Mm: How did that idea come to life?

AC: You know, I’ve been doing the party in LA for like 2 years.

Mm: You’re kind of like the king of it.

AC: Oh yea... yea!

Mm: That’s the word on the street yo!

AC: The king... I like that, I like that. I’ll take it.

Mm: AC, is the king of like this party scene.

AC: We have been doing the monthly sound for two years. We did one tour back in 2014 that was 12 shows in a row with all big line up. That just came together. I don’t know how magically all those people we’re able to get together but it worked. This year, I just wanted to kind of do something bigger, just trying to build the brand up bigger. Me and Denise my agent, Denise Melanson she’s really been helpful. She said, lets do like a summer series so think of an idea. I wanted to stick to the type of nighttime mood thing. So summer phases kind of like took off from there. Each city is a different line up of guests.

Mm: I loved learning that you are this guy from West Virginia yet your music when I was listening to it, I said to myself “ Yo, this is pre-game. You know what I mean. You’d never know!

AC: Haha, you would never know!

Mm: You go in! What were your inspirations because that just doesn’t come from nowhere?

AC: I was inspired probably because of where I grew up. It was kind of isolated. I mean, I didn’t live in like the country or anything but it was kind of like a small town— a suburb of nothing. There wasn’t much culture and I lived through like — I’m 36 so this was like 90’s when I was coming of age.

Mm: That’s when Hip-Hop was just like Oh my God, delicious!

AC: Yea, that was my soul, and I mean, I lived through magazines. Like the source and stuff like that.

Mm: Yeah, the source and Word Up!

AC: Yea! All of those things. That was my window into like hip-hop and the Dj culture. I had relatives in Miami that we would go visit every summer. My cousin is a year older and his friend was a Dj so I was like 15 and this is my first time ever seeing Dj’ing in person. I was like holy shit this is awesome and I had like saved up some cash for the summer and I went to the pawn shop right after I left his house and bought like a Dj mix cause thats like all I had, and I came home put my parents... like turntable up to it and like a cd player and started making like tapes and thats kind of how it all started. Once I got into DJing I discovered that there was like raves and dance music. I couldn’t like put the dance music into context so I realized that was like a scene and there were like parties. Then I started reading like Urb and Bam and those kind of like dance magazines ordering tape packs from the UK. There would be like 12 tapes in a big plastic case.

Mm: I remember those.

AC: Yea, so basically in the U.K. there would be these big raves theres like helter skelter and like all these different one. They would have ads in magazines so I would like, remember when you would like order stuff before the internet you had to like mail it in? I would mail in like a check or whatever to like the U.K. then they would like mail it back like weeks later and its basically a plastic case that opens up like a book and it has like 10-12 cassettes and each cassette is all just recording of the whole night. So you hear the crowd, you hear the MC and it was like God I wanna be there so I would like live through that shit. That was like, I want to do this somehow, I want to be there some day. I had no context except of like I want to do this some day.

Mm: Right, like even though you didn’t know the how, you just connected to that feeling?

AC: Yea, and then I just like discovered raves in the area that I realized were going on. When I was like 18 I lived around where like WBU is the university. That’s about an hour south of Pittsburg. There is a pretty huge rave scene in Pittsburg so I got really involved with that and thats just how I got into it. So trying to escape the boring side of West Virginia was my motivation, I guess.

Mm: Right, and then you moved to New York?

AC: Yeah, well I moved to Philly at some point. I went to the Art Institute for video production and then I moved to New York and lived there for about 10 years before I came here (LA) on a whim.

Mm: WOW!

AC: I was going to come here (LA) for like a year and now I’ve been here for like 4 1/2 years. It just fell into place.

Mm: That’s crazy. I get it! I’m based in New York and lived in LA before so I get that like whole coming out here on a whim feel.

AC: I was like, I’ll never leave New York. I’m just going to go for a year and now I’m like this weathers pretty good and then like, I kind of found myself musically. Cause I came out here a former manager of mine was like — well I was in a funk creatively and I didn’t really have direction cause EDM was starting to happen...

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