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Navigating The Corporate World As A Raver

This must be how it feels when you look at your social media history at this point

A balanced rave life can make or break your career.

By Phillip Francis

Often times, it seems that the corporate world and the raving world are at odds with one another. In many ways, that is true. The raver’s manifesto is one of Peace Love Unity Respect & Responsibility (PLURR). Not all of those are pillars on which the corporate world is based. But you need to get a job if you are going to be able to pay for all these damn festivals and shows. So we thought we would give you some insight into how to navigate this dichotomy.

The truth is, corporate ravers exist; they are CEOs, bankers, engineers, teachers, police, firemen, accountants, lawyers, & so on, making it so you really can go for that “real job” (in the status quo sense). The problem is that you have embraced a world that is often times stigmatized and ostracized as a counter/ drug culture, and it gives employers a leery sense of your value as an employee. There are a few things that will aide you during your job search and in this unknown territory.

First, clean up your social profile. After that basic first step, you can work on things like knowing when to talk about your extracurricular activities, what is legal, and how to balance your rave/work life. Whether you like it or not, employers will Google you and search your social media profiles...

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