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Neuroscientists Probe Link Between Music Pleasure Responses, Dopamine and Cravings

Is there a connection between dance music and cravings? Credit: University of Melbourne

By Jane Gardner

Is there a connection between dance music and cravings?

Researchers at the University of Melbourne are recruiting electronic music fans for a study exploring the connection between cravings and the "risky" sounds of dance music.

Neuroscience PhD student Kiralee Musgrove said pleasure responses to music were generated by the same primitive part of the brain—the nucleus accumbens—associated with highs from sex, drugs or even chocolate.

"In evolutionary terms, it makes sense that we would have a profound pleasure response to sex or food, but it's not so obvious why music also makes our spine tingle or our heart race," Ms Musgrove said. "We're interested in why we don't just hear music, but why we also feel it in our bodies. Science doesn't really understand how the brain makes that leap from hearing to feeling."

While many studies have focused on people's pleasure responses to classical music, researchers have not turned to music that appeals to young people—an oversight Ms Musgrove describes as "a bit silly"...

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