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Seth Troxler Campaigns For #NIGHTLIFEMATTERS

By Sydney Megan Jow

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) recently launched a nationwide campaign called 'Nightlife Matters'. Seth Troxler joined with the #NIGHTLIFEMATTERS movement in effort to save, restore and uplift dance music culture in the US and UK.

The innovative voice of house and techno gave a deep, eloquent explanation of the cause and its prospects to Clash.

Troxler cited the troubling, ongoing issues of club closures, stigma against dance music and a lack of education and governance throughout the scene.

In a stark comparison between the US and UK with the more liberal mentality of Germany, Seth pointed out how Germany reveres dance music as a vital part of culture, significant to economic benefits and stimulation for welcoming different races, genders and sexualities.

"It has the same capacity as high-art, food or film to inspire and influence a generation. In the UK and US by contrast, there's a total disconnect between night culture and 'culture proper'. Legislators don't understand who we are or what our value is, so there's no desire to protect it"...

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