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EDM.com Spotlight

Tell Your Boss to Crank Up the Tunes to Make You A Better Employee

Does your stuffy old boss not understand your love for dance music? Well now you can tell them that listening to EDM at work can actually make you a better employee.

A new study from Mindful Labs found that 9 out of 10 employees perform better at work if they listen to music. Participants in the study were found to be 88% more accurate in completing tasks, while 81% were found to be more efficient.

In the study, 26 participants were given different tasks five days in a row either while listening to music or none at all. This was done to see whether music had an effect on speed and accuracy, but also to see which types of music provoked these improvements.

According to neuropsychologist and chairman of Mindful Labs, Dr. David Lewis,

“The take-home message is that music is a very powerful management tool if you want to increase not only the efficiency of your workforce but also their mental state, their emotional state – they’re going to become more positive about the work.”

So what exactly should you be listening to impress your boss for that big promotion?

Pop Music is best for working on deadlines and performing data entry tasks.

In the study, participants were found to increase data entry tasks by 58%. They also made 14% less mistakes than compared to workers not listening to music and had the most accurate spelling.

Ambient Music is best if your work involves solving equations.

Participants in the study were most accurate solving equations while listening to atmospheric ambient tracks.

Classical Music can help you perform better if you work with numbers.

Workers who were performing math equations were 12% more accurate while listening to classical music.

But Dance Music may be the best performing-enhancing music you can listen to.

In the study, participants were found to have the most accuracy and efficiency in their tasks while listening to dance music across all variety of tasks. Dance music was also found to boost performance in tasks that required proof reading and enabled participants complete tasks which required more abstract reasoning.

So the next time your boss puts on the same old boring playlist, tell them to spice it up with some dance tracks to improve employee performance!

H/T: The Telegraph