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Video for Skrillex and Rick Ross Collab Rumored to Star Jared Leto

In April, news broke about Skrillex teasing an ID from a new collaboration with Rick Ross for the new Batman villain blockbuster Sucide Squad.

Now the rumor mill is spinning that Joker star Jared Leto may be appearing in the track's music video. According to an exclusive report by, sources close to the film say that Jared Leto was back in his Joker garb, but not for reshoots or for filming Justice League in London. No, instead the Hollywood actor is rumored to be donning the green hair in Miami to shoot the music video for the new Skrillex x Rick Ross collab.

ICYMI, here's the ID that Skrillex dropped at Wav Nightclub in Atlantic City this past April. It features references to the Joke, and a "purple Lambourghini" a reference to the Joker's new whip.


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