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Hacker Group Goes from Deadmau5 to Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has officially been hacked by the same group that just hacked dance music heavyweight deadmau5. The network of hackers, called Our Mine, have oddly good intentions, or so they say.

These hackers, who have made their way into accounts like deadmau5’s SoundCloud and Kylie Jenner’s social media platforms, claim that their ultimate goal is not to reveal embarrassing information, but to "save people from other hackers!" by pointing out security deficiencies.

Zuckerberg's accounts have all been restored and no information was leaked with the exception of his alleged Twitter password "dadada" - a surprisingly weak password given his stature and industry expertise. When the group targeted deadmau5, they threatened to leak nude photos and even uploaded songs to his fuck my life SoundCloud page, which has since been removed.

The hackers' pattern remains the same. They hack an account (a blatant breach of privacy to begin with), leak or threaten to leak private information so the victims get in contact, and then claim that their intentions are to point out security flaws before the user is attacked by someone actually harmful. The self-described vigilantes nonetheless had their twitter account suspended as a result of their high-profile hacks.

H/T: Tech Mic

Cover Photo: Reuters