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EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis on How He Got His Start & New Comedy Web Series [VIDEO]

"I heard it and knew I wanted to be a music producer and that's kinda just how it started. It was me hating my other job and being like 'I don’t know what to do' and it kinda just fell into place from there," said big-time producer and community college dropout Dillon Francis reflecting on his decision to quit photography and become a DJ/ producer.

Dillon was trying to be a photographer, so he worked as a PA, aka he was basically a photographer's bitch. It was hating that job that eventually led him to electronic music, Dillon said during a guest appearance on the ETC Podcast.

During the discussion, Francis touched on everything from teaming up with director Brandon Dermer to sleeping on musical artist Cory Enemy’s dining room table in Atlanta. He begins to explain the transition from DJing to actually producing music, and the importance of track recognition.

“I worked with this guy Cory Anita, he goes by Cory Enemy and I lived with him in Atlanta for 2 years. I already knew how songs were supposed to be created, how there’s the chorus, the pre, and then the hook. And DJing helped with my production stuff."

Dillon and Brandon also share dirty details from their new comedy web series DJ World. Brandon and Dillon had previously worked together on projects including the epic "Not Butter" music video.

The dynamic duo talked about working hand-in-hand with each other, and say that they use their personal experiences to supplement their ideas whenever they collaborate. Check out the full podcast below and see how this dream team came up with what's sure to be the funniest web series in EDM.

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