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Borgore Takes Jab at Techno, Gabriel and Dresden Respond

Borgore doesn't get techno, and that's okay. But for some fans – and artists – those were fighting words.

Borgore's took to Twitter to tweet about how he doesn't get the appeal of techno. Although techno has been rising in popularity as of late (despite being the root of all things) Borgore doesn't hold the genre in high esteem for its production value.

Which, is actually pretty understandable. In terms of production, techno is fairly simple. You can always count on the beat or synth to mix in at exactly the right moment and then fade out as another track drops in. Pretty easy, right? There's a reason why techno is often compared to a passing train.

Despite all this, fans and artists alike didn't lose time to jump on Borgore for his opinion.

Things got interesting when the musically versatile Gabriel & Dresden got into the mix.

The back and forth feud went on until Gabriel and Dresden threw a right hook at Borgore

The artists de-pressurized the Twitter beef with more lighthearted topics.

Do you think Borgore deserved all the backlash? Or were Gabriel and Dresden correct in their response? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: EDM Sauce