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This is the Coolest Festival Totem We've Ever Seen [VIDEO]

There's nothing like seeing a dope totem at a festival. You know, that moment when you're standing in the back of the crowd and you see something just plain fucking awesome swaying in the sky like a beacon in a sea of ravers. Today, we're sharing a totem we came across created by Garrison Burger (YouTuber burgerga123) that is just too badass not to share.

The totem itself is a 15" geodesic sphere covered in 540 addressable LEDs and has a total of 150W of power bright material. The creator says the totem was made for EDM festival adventures, and I definitely hope to see it this summer. I can't help but think of all the smiles and sick photos to come from this festival torch.

Check out the video soundtracked to Tut Tut Child, and comment what you think of the ultra LED totem.

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