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Artificial Intelligence Can Now Compose Music... Wait What?! [LISTEN]

Google is developing new technology that will utilize artificial intelligence to create music.

The new Google program called Project Magenta creates a "neural" computer network that mimics the functionality of the human brain. By feeding the neural networks hundreds of examples of musical composition, the artificial intelligence is then able to predict what sound should come next in the sequence.

Already in its early stages of development, Magenta technology is beginning to compose original works. In the example below, the Magenta Project was provided four notes which were then put through an algorithm to compose the following song:

Although the composition is quite basic, the potential for artificial intelligence to aid musical composition at this point is largely unrealized.

According to Gil Weinberg of Georgia Tech's department of music technology, this development is going to be huge for the non-composer:

"It's a potential game-changer because so many academics and developers in companies can get their hands on this library and can start to create songs and see what they can do."

There is of course the moral dilemma of music not only being created artificially through electronically generated sounds (as we've come to love in EDM), but of the music also being composed without the help of humans.

George Lewis, a American music professor at Columbia University in New York says:

"A lot of the uniqueness that we like to ascribe to ourselves becomes threatened...People have to get the idea out of their head that music comes from great individuals. It doesn't; it comes from communities, it comes from societies. It develops over many years, and computers become a part of societies."

Has the countdown for a musical artist's relevancy begun? What are your thoughts on this new technology – should it be embraced or feared? Comment to the right!

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