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EDM.com Spotlight

"I'm Sad I'm Apart of It, But I Play the Game" – Diplo

So how does it feel to be named Billboard's Dance Music Artist of the Year? Well according to Diplo, it's not entirely glamorous, but he's also not complaining.

The Florida-born DJ has been running the game in the music industry for over a decade. While his career is now decorated with Grammy awards, platinum albums, and sold-out shows around the world, it comes at a price.

In an interview for the June issue of Billboard Magazine, Diplo talks about his insane schedule and just sheer number of responsibilities, which he willingly takes on most likely because he realizes if you slow down... you become old news.

Thomas Pentz has a tour schedule packed with solo performances, Major Lazer and Jack Ü shows. He has his radio shows on BBC 1 and Apple Music, his publishing company and record label Mad Decent and now Good Enuff, his role in the nationally touring festival Mad Decent Block Party, not to mention producing tracks for names as big as Beyonce.

"As he sees it, this is his moment, and if he slows down for even a minute, he'll begin to kiss it goodbye." - Journalist Jonathon Ringen

But Diplo concedes that the EDM industry as a whole isn't always the coolest or most authentic or sometimes even the most innovative. In other words, it's a bit of a game sometimes. Then again, he admits he's one of the top players.

"The DJ world is the corniest f--ing group of people," he says, shaking his head. "We're not celebrities, we're not famous for any good reason. We're just ... really lame. Besides people like Dillon Francis, who makes fun of the whole thing, or Calvin Harris, it's a sinking ship. It's a really lame culture. I'm sad that I'm part of it, but I play the game." - Diplo

Despite this, TMWRK’s Andrew McInnes thinks Diplo is on his way to becoming the Jay Z or Diddy of dance music.

"The dance music stuff can get vapid -- we kind of predate the term 'EDM,' and we're going to postdate it, too," McInnes told Billboard. "But we're seeing [Diplo] become the Jay Z or the Diddy of the scene. Or even Dave Grohl -- this one guy who has his fingers in so many things and is pushing the genre forward."

For the complete interview conducted by Billboard Magazine, click here.

Source: Billboard Magazine
Cover Photo via Cosmopolitan