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EDM.com Spotlight

Electronic Artist Bans Phone Use for a More Intimate Concert Experience

What if, for one night, we left our phones at home and had no distraction and no choice but to live in the moment and truly soak in the music?

San Francisco producer Lane 8 had this dream, and he made it a reality by making his show at the Mezzanine "phone-free."

While the event staff did not actually confiscate any cell phones, they simply placed small pieces of black tape over the front and back cameras on each device.

According to an attendee of the event, not one person took out their phone for the duration of the show. Every audience member respected the artist’s wishes.

"Throughout the set, phones were non-existent, not even a balloon drop mid-set could entice the crowd to whip out their devices. There was a genuine and engaging energy reverberating throughout the club, and Lane 8 fed off of it,” said attendee and journalist Luc Hancock

Lane 8 dubbed the show "This Never Happened," likely because no one took any photo or video on their phones to document it. The attendees may not have been able to prove via social media that they were at this intimate show, but is that so bad? They have the experience and memories right?

Sure, taking photos or video at the show may have helped to introduce friends on social networks of Lane 8 and the music he makes, but is that worth an experience where you are totally present and focused on the performance and the company around you? It seems Lane 8 isn't worried about fan-generated promotion or hype. He's more concerned with the experience his fans walk away with, which is pretty cool actually.

What do you think about this social and live music experiment? Would you be turned off or tapped in by this concept? We want to hear what you think. Share your thoughts in the comment section on the right.

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Cover Photo: Max Drew