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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex Reveals New Collab with Global R&B/Pop Star & Keys to Success

For a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, Skrillex hopped on the phone for a Q&A while sitting in LA traffic with Bruno Mars. The megastar producer dished on everything from new collabs to his thoughts on the industry.

Skrillex first addresses the personal side of his success. He emphasizes the importance of "being a fucking kid" and advises newcomers to release their music for themselves, not to be solely focused on the attention of others. Only by doing this, Sonny says, will you eventually catch the attention of industry elite, and they’ll be more likely to accept you for the artist you really are.

"Don't care. Don't try to get people's attention. Build your shit, people will find you. Have your essence come through your art and have your art speak loud. And hustle with your art, your image, your brand."

He goes on to talk about the importance of building a loyal inner circle of friends and creatives and how 2016 has taught him the "life lesson" of employing females at his record label OWSLA.

"OWSLA is such a collective. And a lot of my creative comes from me and also other people that we're employing. We're employing a lot of young people and we really empower females in our circle. And we have almost half females and half males working in our crew and especially when you empower females on the creative side with a good vision, like shit is just so on fire."

Interviewer Matt Medved asks Sonny about one of the most relevant topics in EDM this year as well as stigmas attached to the genre. Though Sonny admits that he "kinda likes the misconceptions," he addresses one of the biggest hot button issues: the misconstruction that DJs simply "press a button" to create their songs.

"You know I kind of like the misconceptions because it makes me feel younger when people still think that you press one button and a whole song happens or something like that. You just like press a button and then anybody can start hitting buttons and then all of a sudden everything is there. That's a huge misconception."

In terms of his future work, Sonny talks about how his music production is stepping up to the next level. After revealing his new collaboration with pop singer Bruno Mars, he talks about the light bulb moments he encounters every time he enters the studio for a collab with a new artist.

"I'm actually working with Bruno Mars right now. I'm not going to give specifics of what it sounds like, but what we're doing is so f--king different, awesome and next level and sounds like nothing else that's happened before. Every time I get in the studio with somebody else and collaborate, that's when I always have revelations and learn about stuff. And I just love stepping outside of what I know and there's no other music position that can do that..."

He wraps up the interview by touching on his contribution to smash hits "Sorry" and "Where R U Now?" both with pop sensation Justin Bieber, and how the success of the songs launch his own work "in a different way."

He explains his vision for Skrillex 2021, saying that in 5 years he sees himself creatively pushing the boundaries, directing more, and ultimately doing what he does best, bringing people together.

"More directing, more bringing people together to create a vision. And I don't know what exactly that means in five years or less, but it has to be with everything I've already been doing. I want to do everything."

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Source: Billboard Magazine
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