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Women DJs Are Out There — Clubs and Festivals Just Need to Book Them

This year Alison Wonderland, seen at EDC 2015, and Anna Lunoe became the first solo female DJs to play EDC's mainstage in its 20-year history. (Marco Torres)

By Liz Ohanesian

Last week, Fuse TV released a short film in which they asked many big-name EDM and dance music DJs, men and women, why there aren't as many well-known female DJs as there are male ones. It's a question that gets asked a lot lately, but it's the wrong one.

The "Why aren't there more famous girl DJs?" question just leads to stereotype-based answers about women and technology or women not being tough enough for the job. It allows people to namedrop the very few women who have entered the elite group of superstar DJs, while overlooking the many who stick to their regional scenes or embark on smaller-scale tours.

Women are on the decks. Some, like DJ Heather, Sandra Collins, DJ Rap and Ellen Allien, have been playing longer than this latest generation of kandi kids has been alive. So a better question might be: Where are the girls playing? And, if they aren't playing the same type of gigs that guys are playing, why not?

This month, the women aren't at Sound. I went through the July listings for the club, checking out all of the DJs announced so far on its calendar. Not one was female. That's not always the case for the Hollywood nightclub — there have certainly been women on the decks here in the past — but this month, it's a dude fest...

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