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How Long Do These Illegal Drugs Stay in Your System?

How long do you really have to wait after a weekend of partying before applying to that awesome job? The answer varies between lifestyle, genetics, the test itself, and your drug of choice. Whether you’re looking for work, training for the Olympics, or just dealing with really strict parents, it might be beneficial for you to know just how long you have to wait before being able to confidently pass a drug test.

It’s a fact that those with a high metabolism are able to flush drugs from their bodies faster than those of us unlucky enough to have crawling metabolisms. Because of this older people are more likely to have drugs stay in their system longer than teenagers and young adults (since metabolism slows with age). Likewise, those who work out more have a higher metabolism, and so those of us who are healthy and active will clean out our systems out faster than more lethargic drug-enthusiasts. Drinking a ton of water makes it possible to flush your system faster as well!

Drug tests are not fool-proof, but they are typically very accurate. Once a drug is absorbed into the bloodstream (though either inhalation, injection, absorption, or ingestion), it will have to be excreted before you are in the clear for your drug test. This is why drinking a lot of water is really terrific advice.

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By Tess McDermott

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