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8 Electronic Artists for People Who Don’t Like EDM

Electronic music too often revolves around its overblown payoff, forgoing anything of musical interest in favor of pretty light shows and endless teasing of the inevitable bass drop that never fails to thrill ecstasy-fueled audiences.

It’s easy to demonize the new trend of turntables and other electronic instrumentation—just as guitar distortion and synthesizers were demonized when they were new—but that’s ignoring the endless sonic possibilities of electronic music beyond the assaultive, repetitive tendencies of many EDM artists. There are countless artists who use electronic music to create original, compelling melodies that have merits far beyond simply being danceable—you just have to know where to start.

DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow all but founded the trend of creating original music from scraps of old recordings, founding and arguably perfecting a new genre with his landmark debut album Endtroducing… The genre is often called “trip hop,” an apt descriptor of Shadow’s instrumental hip-hop music paired with just enough experimental and jazz influences to really, well, trip you out. Later albums have showed that his talents as a producer and curator of vocal and musical samples from little-known sources extend far beyond hip-hop, enabling him to create dynamic songs within just about every genre.

Flying Lotus

The Brainfeeder record label is responsible for some of Los Angeles’ most intriguing electro-tinged recordings, and producer Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus, is at the center of the label’s success. Stripped of his many frequent collaborators, Ellison makes soul-infused hip-hop beats that are free to evolve in unexpected directions thanks to the usual absence of lyrics. Harps and other stringed instruments are equally important as synthesizers in his experimental music, which feels at once like a summation of a dozen-plus musical genres (soul, acid jazz, hip-hop and funk, to name a few) and like something completely new.


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