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YouTube Pays Billions, But the Music Industry Says It's Not Enough

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YouTube often seems a bit like the allegory of the elephant and the blind men, each of whom describes a different part until it sounds like a menagerie of completely different animals. For some artists, the video service is a godsend—a way of reaching their fans and of generating revenue easily. For many users, it is a fun and efficient way to stream music. The music industry, however, sees it as legalized theft.

Record labels and music distributors, along with some prominent musicians such as Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney, have been putting on a full-court press over the past few months to push the latter viewpoint, arguing that YouTube and its parent Google (which in turn is owned by Alphabet) systematically undervalue music.

According to these groups, YouTube happily looks the other way while people upload pirated versions of songs, makes it too difficult for artists and their representatives to remove them, and doesn’t pay enough even when it does share revenue with rights-holders.

And the tool it uses to help it accomplish all of this is the evil Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which provides so-called “safe harbor” against copyright claims for companies like Google, and which these groups say should be rewritten...


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