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Rapper M.I.A Releases Skrillex Collab in New Video "Go Off" [Watch]

Rapper M.I.A just released the first single "Go Off" from her upcoming album, featuring producer.

The London born rapper releases "Go Off" as a preview of her new album Aim which she says will be her last. Always known for her biting political commentary, the video for M.I.A's "Goes Off" features massive quarry explosions. This new collab with Skrillex & Blaqstarr features a production style more akin to Bieiber's "Sorry" than Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.

Skrillex has also revealed that he currently is working on a collaboration with Bruno Mars, so his time as being the face of American dubstep may soon come to an end as the producer continues to collaborate with pop artists.

Cover Photo via Rolling Stone