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Watch Skrillex design sounds for ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ (skip to 13:30)

When Skrillex burst into the public eye in 2010 with his abrasive spin on dubstep, he started a polarizing movement. The high-octane, broken-beat bass music that would serve as an introduction to dance music for many Americans was also looked down upon by many listeners. Informally deeming the genre “bro-step,” detractors of Skrillex and his musical ilk widely dismissed his music by joking that it “sounds like transformers having sex.” This sarcastic characterization became so widespread that Skrillex himself has lampooned it, often including footage of the robotic titans in his visual production during performances.

Though lowly-publicized, it should come as no surprise to Skrillex’s fans that the producer provided sound design for Transformers: Age of Extinction. In “Transformers 4: The Final Touches,” a 2014 documentary on the making of the film, composer Steve Jablonsky recalls how Skrillex came to become involved in the project’s sound design.


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Skip ahead to 13:30 in the video below to see Skrillex's contribution to the film

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