EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Musicmap Charts 150 Years Of Music Breaking Down Every Sub Genre Ever

Dig deep into the history of music with MusicMap, an interactive website that delves into the history of each genre and sub genre of music.

Get deep in the worm-hole of music exploration and gain some knowledge on the history of each music subculture with this anthology of music history.

(We're not gonna spoil the fun, go explore Musicmap for yourself!)

Wanna know where Trance first got its start? Or still having trouble telling the difference between Tech-House and Techno?

Musicmap not only gives the history of each genre, the project delves future into sub genres. Aside from describing both the genre's history and its sound, Musicmap will educate you with playlists specially curated for each genre.

Follow the link to lose yourself in the musical rabbit hole, and come back with both some newly discovered musical gems.

H/T: Deep House Amsterdam