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Sweden is up in arms about alcoholic popsicles

By Aric Suber-Jenkins
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Bernie Sanders won over progressive hearts with his desire to adapt Scandinavian socialist policy, but it turns out Sweden is super lame and we should never be like them. The country doesn’t like to drink, apparently, as evidenced by 3,600+ signatures on a petition to ban alcoholic popsicles.

Swedish temperance movement IOGT-NTO is spearheading the campaign to remove N1CE frozen cocktails from grocery stores across the country. Yes, I’m aware ~kids~ can be spotted in supermarkets on occasion, but it’s only a measly five percent alcohol content. Plus, Swedish House Mafia DJ/producer Sebastian Ingrosso co-created the product. Seems legit to me.

European news aggregate The Local points out that the Scandinavian nation is notorious for its strict alcohol laws. They prevent the purchase of wine and spirits over 3.5 percent from all commercial entities except for the state’s booze monopoly, Systembolaget. A legal loophole, however, allows the popsicles to be sold in regular stores because it’s not technically a “drink.” Now people are freaking out...


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