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Blog Haus Isn't Coming Back and That's OK

By Fan Fiction
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The year is 2008. I’m sitting in my dorm room going through my daily site check. Discodust is covering Ladyhawk, Tronik Youth, and Grum, Big Stereo is covering Shinichi Osawa, Crookers and Van She Tech, Asian Dan is covering Justice’s remix of MGMT as well as The Bloody Beetroots, and so on. I go through a handful of posts, open a bunch of third party mp3 links in new tabs, download each, and then check to see which ones are bangers.

This was music consumption at the time. We were in a period of post-Myspace and pre-SoundCloud. Streaming only really existed on chart-based aggregators like the Hype Machine or its more Craigslist-y precursor, elbo.ws. Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat hadn’t become virtual appendages to our daily lives yet, so the amount of information we were taking in was way less — you had time to actually read the posts.

With new music from Justice, Uffie, and MSTRKRFT, as well as a Blog Haus Revival mix series from A-Trak, a lot of people are saying the genre is making a comeback. As much as I’d like to see that, I don’t think it’s happening.

You Can’t Have “Blog Haus” Without the Blogs

Blogs pretty much don’t exist anymore. At least not in the way they used to. Think about your current favorite blogs. Can you name more than five? Three? For a few beautiful years in the late 2000’s there were hundreds of people running dance-themed DIY sites just for the love of the music. There wasn’t really any money in it. Your biggest perks were getting label promos, guest list spots, a nod from an artist you liked, or a spot on Hype Machine’s hot list. The blogs that stood out were the ones you could tell really cared about what they were covering. Passion seems to be the most lacking thing in modern music journalism. If the author isn’t enjoying writing it, chances are you’re not going to enjoy reading it...

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