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EDM.com Spotlight

These Two Lawyers Made a Video About Weed Charges & It's Priceless [WATCH]

Two lawyers from Texas, Will Hutson and Chris Harris, opted to grab their guitars and write a song instead of creating yet another boring advertising commercial. Their song was a PSA about how to best handle weed laws... and it's awesome.

"There are some lawyers’ commercials out there that are just so ridiculous, you wonder if somebody would take you seriously," Harris told WacoTrib.com. "But what we were shooting for as to impart — these are not really like commercials, they are more like public service announcements — we were hoping to look like a couple of guys who are lawyers who happen to play guitar. That is what we were shooting for."

"I have seen a significant number of cases that are charged as felony tampering with physical evidence that arise out of somebody trying to eat or ingest a misdemeanor amount of marijuana," said 54th State District Judge Matt Johnson told Wacotrib.com. "Mr. Hutson and Mr. Harris have certainly developed a unique way to communicate with their clients or potential clients."

Source: wacotrib.com