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The US Attorney General May Address Concerns With The RAVE Act

By Phillip Francis

We received news last night from the organizations founder, Dede Goldsmith, that a request has been submitted to US Attorney Loretta Lynch & The Department of Justice (DOJ) to review the RAVE Act. The process is expected to take at least 7 weeks, so be patient. After all, this has been a almost 2-year battle and will continue to be a battle further on down the road.

Update: While a request has been submitted by senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine on behalf of Dede Goldsmith and the Amend The Rave Act campaign, the DOJ has not yet responded to the request. The Drug Policy Alliance and Dancesafe are also asking Vice President Joe Biden to put pressure on AG Lynch to review the RAVE Act and provide clarification. “The request has been sent – that’s a victory in and of itself..” says Stefanie Jones of the DPA. She goes on to explain “It’s essentially equivalent to getting a bill to the floor of the House or Senate – basically, an opportunity for action but no guarantees for action or the *right* action outcome.”

The current situation is that promoters are afraid of putting common sense harm reduction services at festivals and shows because it legally could be perceived that they are promoting drug use, providing a “safe” place to use drugs...

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