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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM Fans May Provide Insight Into Treatments for Craving Disorders

Those moments when you can't help but dance your face off at an EDM show is actually inspiring some interesting neurological research. Melbourne University neuroscience PhD candidate Kiralee Musgrove is exploring the link between electronic music fans who keep going back for more and those with craving disorders.

"We're looking for people to help us understand why and how certain people crave what we call 'the drop' when they're listening to electronic music," Musgrove told 774 ABC Melbourne's Libbi Gorr.

Musgrove is looking to study the brains of electronic dance music fans in order to gain insight into the developments of different therapy treatments for those suffering from eating disorders, substance abuse disorders and other self-harm disorders. Understanding what is so satisfying about 'the drop' may be able to help neuroscientists to design effective personalized music therapies.

"People are craving what happens next — which is when the DJ quite literally drops the bass, the bass drums, and the regular rhythm and melody back into the song... We might be able to use music to help alleviate acute levels of craving and distress," she said.

The Music and Craving Study is seeking volunteers in Melbourne between 18 and 40 years old who do not have hearing issues and who like (or at least don't dislike) electronic dance music. Learn more at musiccravingstudy.typeform.com.

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