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We Spoke to Five Couples Who Fell in Love in Nightclubs

By Sam Howard
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I think it was Shakespeare who said that, "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind," which is a nice romantic sentiment, isn't it? Old Will's 16th century observations still remain prevalent to this day, especially on the dance floor. These days, love brews beneath the flashing strobe lights and bone-vibrating sound systems where it's actually really difficult to see a thing. But who cares if you can't see anything when you're fucked and you're feeling absolutely fantastic and dancing the night away. The poor guy really missed out on a great time to be alive. Sure, he got to wear a ruff and everything and he invented 1700 words which was pretty cool, but he never snogged anyone by a fruit machine at closing time. Times have changed, and love isn't found where it used to be.

In reality these days, when we reflect on how many relationships came to be, did they really begin in coffee shops, libraries or bus stops? The reality for a large portion of music-loving couples looks more like getting really wasted at their favourite club and necking someone in the middle of the d-floor. It might not sound romantic, yet it's on that sticky dance floor, where the flashing strobe lights can only at times show the full view of another's face, that secret love stories take shape.

With all that in mind, we asked some lovers how they met the love of their life on the floor.

Jack and Libby

Rhythm Section, Peckham, England

THUMP: How did you first meet Libby at Rhythm Section, Jack?

Jack: My jaw was going around like a baggage carousel as she stood next to me, and her eyes met mine just as she finished taking a long deep swig from her water bottle. At that point she knew I needed water, and kindly obliged when I gesticulated with a sipping motion. Afterwards, she took me to a nearby park and we watched the sunrise together...


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