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Berlin celebrates the power of techno as the Tresor turns 25

By Jan-Michael Kühn aka DJ Fresh Meat
This article originally appeared on DW Akademie

Serious partying established Berlin's clubbing reputation in the 90s: Techno was the sound of reuniting East and West Germany. Now the cult club, Tresor, turns 25 - and electronic music is more popular than ever.

Dilapidated stairs led down to a dark, claustrophobic room with damp air, low ceilings, thick concrete walls and iron doors. The space in the vault was separated by prison bars. One could recognize old safe boxes along the walls.

At the beginning of the 1990s, this grim location on Berlin's Leipzigerstrasse became one of the centers of the techno scene. It would turn into one of the most famous clubs in the world: the Tresor.

The minimalist, cold aesthetics of the club fit perfectly well with the futuristic thumping beats from Detroit - renowned as the birthplace of techno - and the strobe lights flashing through the dense fog and the masses of dancers.

The cellar originally served as the bank vault of a former department store. "Tresor" means safe or vault in German, which explains the name and the remaining safes in the club.

The Nazis had confiscated the building from its Jewish owners. Most of the building was destroyed during World War II - although the vault survived. It was abandoned after the war, located in the no-man's land between East and West Berlin.

The club's founder, Dimitri Hegemann, happened to discover the space in 1991 and knew right away that he had found a special place...


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