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EDM.com Spotlight

Major Lazer Drops Big Single With Justin Beiber and MØ on "Cold Water"

It's about that time for another Bieber x EDM collab.

Major Lazer just dropped a new single "Cold Water" featuring Justin Bieber and Danish singer is quickly garnering plays and streams and is sure to be one of the top tracks of the summer.

Bieber lends his vocals to lyrics co-written and co-produced by England's darling Ed Sheeran and American rapper Benny Blanco.

Diplo spoke withBBC Radio 1 host Danny Howard about the single:

"It sounds like Major Lazer, it's got a dancehall tempo. Ed Sheeran actually wrote it with us. It's got African guitar and a kind of dancehall groove to it, but it sounds like a Bieber song. He just killed it. The vocal tracking sounds like 100 per cent Justin Bieber."

Give the new track a listen below!

H/T: EDM Sauce