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Darude Teams up with Angry Birds for New "Sandstorm" Remix [VIDEO]

Darude proved his great sense of humor recently by agreeing to remix his iconic dance music classic "Sandstorm" for the latest update of the popular game Angry Birds.

"I feel honored to be playing a part in the Finnish global phenomenon that the Angry Birds have become," Darude said in a recent interview. "Making the Sandstorm remix for Angry Birds Mighty League was probably the most giggle-inducing bunch of studio sessions I’ve ever done."

The new update comes with Might League, the ultimate way to test your true bird-slinging skills as you compete against other players on new levels released every day. The game and franchise, created by the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment, thought it only appropriate to have the update for the most popular Finnish game get an update from the most famous Finnish DJ.

"The original Angry Birds has now become a lot more social with the Mighty League," said Rovio’s Head of Games Wilhelm Taht in an interview. "And what better way to update one Finnish classic than with another? Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ and the original Angry Birds go together like midnight sun and licorice ice cream."

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