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EDM.com Spotlight

Maceo Plex Plans a Mosaic of Sound with 10 Sets in 24 Hours

Maceo Plex has special plans for July 26th.

The Barcelona-based DJ has long been cultivating devoted fanbases across the world with his entrancing tech-house sets. Now, Maceo Plex plans to show off his genre versatility with a special 24 hour performance.

This week instead of his regular residency at Pacha for Mosaic, Maceo Plex is planning something special. Akin to its name, Maceo Plex will be performing 10 DJ sets of different genres in 24 hours to represent the diverse 'mosaic' of Ibiza's musical essence and culture.

Although this is will indeed set a record for most sets within a 24 hour period, Maceo Plex says that's not the point:

This is a cool way of putting together many different styles of music which is representative of Mosaic. Different kinds of music that fit into one ideal journey or piece of art."

Maceo Plex took to Twitter to clarify that his intentions are to push boundaries of art and sound, and is not a strategic PR stunt.

Set your alarm clocks for this diverse musical experience happening Tuesday, July 26th. You'll be able to stream the full 24-hour performance live via Ibiza Sonica Radio