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Unlike Pluto is Out of This World

Armond Arabshahi, a 25-year-old Atlanta native, says he’s been making music since he was 11, “everything from folk to country music to more emo hard core sounds.” As such, it’s no surprise that this pre-dental student abandoned his healthcare aspirations and, after finishing his degree at Emory University, headed to L.A. to pursue his passion. Since doing so, Arabshahi—or Unlike Pluto, as he’s better known—has garnered a significant amount of buzz, so much so that he is the first act to be managed by DancingAstronaut.com’s founder Senthil Chidambaram, and has joined uber agent Lee Anderson’s pantheon of EDM gods (think Skrillex, Zedd, Disclosure and Steve Angelo). While he’s already played EDC, a number of other major festivals and has been courted by Las Vegas clubs, before he settles on a Sin City residency of any sort, Arabshahi says he’s “still searching for the right fit.”

What did your parents say when you abandoned your plans to be a dentist to become a DJ?

I was a skater kid. I got good grades, but I was always kind of the screwup of the family. My sister was the golden child, so me moving here wasn’t as bad as my sister doing it. She’s three years older, so she [studied] neuroscience and then she moved to L.A. to become an actress. We are first-generation Persians in America, so it was hard at first, but we’re easing into it.

Things don’t just happen overnight.

My parents supported me a little bit, but I definitely struggled. I definitely had a few jobs in L.A to support myself. Also my sister helped out because I just crashed with her on her couch for six months.

How do you stand out?

I sing on my tracks. I sang and song-wrote in high school, so I just always did it [as a producer].

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