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Darude Admits He’s Never Actually Been in a Sandstorm


For your daily dose of funny, during a Reddit AMA the Finnish DJ's street cred came under fire
This article originally appeared on The Independent

Darude’s inexorable, monolithic EDM banger ‘Sandstorm’ is pretty accurately named given how it causes you to wince, shield your face and run in the opposite direction, but it’s all based on a lie - the Finnish DJ has never actually been in a sandstorm.

Darude, real name Ville Virtanen, was asked in a Reddit AMA today about his authority on the meteorological phenomena and whether he had experienced one during his 41 years of untz-untz-untz-making on Earth.

“No,” he conceded, “but [I have been in] a smaller one, dust devil, or whatever you want to call it..."

Wishing not to be seen as a fraud, he countered: “AND, I've got a picture from a few years back, when I was landing in Arizona I believe it was, where I literally landed like few minutes a sandstorm blew thru the airport area and you can see the edge on the pic. I tweeted something like "I've arrived" with the pic! :)” (sic).


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