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Meredith Connelly

Is Edm Becoming the Soundtrack to Progress?


Meredith Connelly of Noise Porn points out the progressive statements in Steve Aoki's latest 4-part video series. We can only hope that more dance music artists take on the noble responsibility to promote positive change through their art.

This article originally appeared on Noise Porn

Inclusivity. Progress. Two words not always directly or immediately associated with EDM. And yet more and more, it’s what the kids want to see. The closure of the wage gap. Racial equality. Acceptance of gender and sexual fluidity. Lady Ghostbusters. You name it, this generation demands it—in their politics and in their pop culture, so it is no surprise that our penchant for progressive social action is reflected by the artists of the day.

This actively conflicts with the outsider’s perception of the genre—e.g. a beloved pastime whose enjoyment is restricted to club hoppers, fans of bottle service, and those select few who enjoy weaving metaphorical tapestries with glo stick trails. More and more electronic artists, producers, and DJs alike are moving away from this Patron-soaked stereotype and towards the model of making music that means something to someone, that reaches out to a specific, perhaps otherwise underrepresented demographic.

Take, for example the latest musical endeavors of none other than Steve Aoki. Aoki’s new series of music videos—featuring songs like “ILYSM” and the aptly entitled “Dope Girlz”—throw the traditional role of women in EDM videos out the proverbial window...

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