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After Making Headlines Perry Farrell Changes Stance on EDM

Perry Farrell, frontman of Jane's Addiction and godfather of America's festival culture as CEO and founder of Lollapalooza, made headlines with polarizing statements about EDM.

In an interview with Chicago Tribune, Farrell was originally quoted as saying EDM makes him want to 'vomit out his nostrils'.

Since the story was published however, Farrell has clarified his position as hating EDM but disliking shitty EDM DJs.

In an interview with Team Rock Perry said

"My comments to the Chicago Tribune were unrestrained and straight from my heart. They were in response to questioning I was asked about EDM...

Let me state in my own words to you, 'I love dance music. I fought to bring dance music to Lollapalooza, where there were no acts being booked. They named the area after me because of my passion for dance music and the DJ culture...

"The critic I spoke with from the Chicago Tribune was very knowledgable about dance music. I agreed with a lot of what he said."

Perry goes on to say:

... I also agreed with him that there were some artists that we both didn’t care for – but I won't reveal any names.

Their music did make me puke...

I admitted it. At least you all know I’m not a tasteless con artist. I am a musician who learned to be a promoter – who continues to have people's trust."

H/T: Team Rock