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Meet the Guys Behind the Music From Your New Favorite Show, 'Stranger Things'


Cam Lindsay of Noisey landed an interview with Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, the composers responsible for the score of the popular new show Stranger Things. The original sci-fi Netflix series, which is already being compared to cult classics for the organic but increasingly exponential acclaim. Lindsay gets the low down from the composers and their upcoming album as one-half of the Austin group S U R V I V E.

This article originally appeared on Noisey

Like the best cult favorites, Netflix’s new series Stranger Things, appeared on the streaming service with much less hype than previous series like House of Cards or Marvel’s Daredevil. And the lack of awareness seems to have benefitted the show, which has gained unanimous praise via social media and word of mouth. Set in 1983, Stranger Things centers around a small town in Indiana where, well, strange things start happening. A 12-year-old boy suddenly goes missing. A 12-year-old girl with telekinetic super powers appears out of nowhere. A mysterious government agency seems to be conducting secret experiments. And there is some alien-like monster lurking in the woods.

Created by the Duffer Brothers (Wayward Pines) and starring Winona Ryder, Stranger Things is a nostalgia-trippin’ throwback to Reagan’s America: when kids ate Eggo Waffles, obsessively played Dungeons & Dragons and communicated via walkie talkies. It has traces of Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, John Carpenter, and David Lynch all rolled in to eight thrilling episodes.

Part of what makes Stranger Things such a compelling series is its score. Like with a lot of horror and sci-fi films these days, synthesizers have become an integral part of composing music. The works of John Carpenter, Alan Howarth, Tangerine Dream, and Goblin have influenced a new generation of film composers. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, better known as one-half of Austin, TX band S U R V I V E, got the call from the Duffers to write the show’s music after hearing a couple of their songs in the 2014 film, The Guest. As exciting as it is to watch the narrative unfold on Stranger Things, it’s the pulsating theme song that introduces each episode that steals the show.

We tracked down Dixon and Stein while they bask in the glory of composing the score for the show everyone’s talking about and prepare to release a new S U R V I V E album.

Noisey: How did you get involved with Stranger Things?

Michael Stein: We received an email from the directors asking if we would be interested in doing scoring work. Our response was an instant yes and once we received a synopsis and some preliminary artwork for the show we new it was a perfect fit...

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