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Monstercat celebrates five years of electronic music excellence


Earmilk's Ry Smith reflects on five years of music from Monstercat, the label with no limits that has helped to launch the careers of such artists as Krewella, Vicetone and Pegboard Nerds. Smith look sat everything from their early compilation series to the most defining artists of the label's 5-year history.

This article originally appeared on Earmilk

While perhaps a bit cliché, when it comes to the music industry, one old adage rings particularly true: “The only constant is change.” That being, in order succeed in the music industry, one must be willing to evolve as necessary. This leads us to yet another adage, the natural corollary to the previously stated one: “Adapt, or Die.”

When it comes to today’s current EDM landscape, perhaps no other label represents this certainty better than Monstercat. Founded by Mike Darlington and Ari Paunonen out of Vancouver, the label first hit the scene in 2011 and immediately dove head-first into the already burgeoning electronic music scene. Multiple genres of electronic music were becoming mainstream at the time (particularly house and dubstep), and it seemed like everyone, from giant music labels to so called “bedroom DJs” wanted a piece of the EDM pie. To some, entering such a varied and demanding industry may have been intimidating to the point of abandoning the enterprise… but for Monstercat, the fluidity of those early days seemed to provide the impetus necessary to fire them up. As noted by CEO and co-founder, Mike Darlington:

“From the beginning, Monstercat has always been an evolving concept. There's never been a set path or final destination nor do I foresee there being one at any point in the near future. Early on, our team was small and the focus was heavily geared towards growth, numbers, followers, and so on. It was a necessary time as we were fighting for the ability to work with new artists and influences.”

Because the label embraced the concept of “evolving” early, the crew could focus on growing the label around a multitude of different styles...

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