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Have Ibiza's Glory Days as a Dance Music Mecca Come to an End?


The only thing you can count on in this life is change. The music industry, in particular, is notorious for its fast-changing landscape. Billboard's Dorian Lynskey takes a look at what the closing of the iconic Space venue in Ibiza means for the future of the White Isle and dance music mecca.

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Long revered as the world's premier dance music destination, Ibiza faces a reckoning as top DJs exit their residencies, prices hit dizzying heights, government regulations mount and decadent tourist-clubbers usher in a new corporate era.

At 3:30 a.m. on June 15, a long metallic snare roll marks a significant moment in the history of the Ibiza club scene. It's the first track in the first set of British techno DJ Carl Cox's 15th and final Revolution residency at the vast five-room venue Space. After 27 years, the lease, held by Space's 79-year-old owner, Pepe Roselló, is up. In October, arguably the world's most famous club will close its doors.

As Cox plays his first record, roughly 2,000 clubbers in Space's main room surge forward in a blaze of dry ice and red lasers. Like the club itself, he is an Ibiza institution. "He has all the ­virtues: ­knowledge, dignity, honor and ­temperance," says Roselló. A new owner will relaunch the venue next summer, but Cox will not be working for him. "It's not open for discussion," he says. "I couldn't carry on with the same heart and soul that I had with Pepe. This is it. I can walk away a happy man, knowing that I gave it my all"...

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