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If You're Sven Väth You Can Watch Soccer and DJ at the Same Time

If David Guetta were caught watching a soccer match during a DJ set, he'd probably be ostracized.

But if you're German techno legend Sven Väth, who really gives a fuck?

Not Sven Väth, apparently.

As one of the first "superstar DJs" to hit the scene in the 90's, Sven Väth has more than proved himself over the years.

A long-time resident of Ibiza's Amnesia nightclub, founder of the Cocoon brand, and one of the few white-dudes you can can take semi-seriously for his belief in eastern philosophies, Sven Väth has no need to front.

So when Sven Väth was caught watching the Germany-Slovakia UEFA match during his daytime performance at Awakenings Festival in the Netherlands last weekend, how did he respond?

With zero fucks.

We're hoping that Papa Sven followed through with his threat! :)

H/T: Magnetic Mag

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