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Ten Artists’ Vinyl Collections That Will Make You Drool


Electronic music and vinyl go together like peanut butter and jelly. These 10 vinyl collections will have any wax-head drooling with envy. See whose collections made the cut!

This article originally appeared on 6AM Group

Vinyl, you beautiful, beautiful thing. Below are some of the best record collections from DJs, producers and musicians around the world that we wish we had every-day access to:


Danny is a New York City born and raised legend, with decades of experience as both a producer and track selector, making him one of the most respected names in the electronic music world of the last forty years. Naturally, he began his career with vinyl, building a collection that is arguably second to none.


Vince Williams, aka DJ Spinna, is somewhat of an anomaly in the music industry. An impressive work ethic, obsessively extensive vinyl library and the willingness to pursue the full extents of his roots (Funk, Soul R&B and Jazz), foundation (Hip-Hop) and future (Electronic/Dance music) without any restraints.makes him one of the most versatile DJs in circulation.


There is absolutely no doubt that any techno aficionado would do almost anything to be in possession of Zak Khutoretsky’s vinyl collection. The Minneapolis producer and DJ is one of the most respected names in the international techno scene, with a personal collection that has been growing since the heydays of the ’90s Midwest rave scene. You can make a safe bet that plenty of tracks in his possession have found play at Berlin’s infamous Berghain/Panorama Bar during his residency.


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