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Drug testing kits urged for Veld, other music fests


The Star talks with authors from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse about the latest harm reduction measures and advice for upcoming electronic dance music festivals including Veld.

This article originally appeared on The Star

The 2015 VELD Music Festival was held at Downsview Park on August 1, 2015. (SONIA RECCHIA / WIREIMAGE)

Electronic dance music events such as this weekend’s Veld Music Festival should investigate the possibility of using drug testing kits, so drug users can check if the substances they’ve been given are impure, a report recommends.

“You never really know exactly what’s in a pill or powder or the effect it’s going to have on you,” said Matthew Young, one of the authors of the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse’s 2015 report on drug- and alcohol-related incidents at Canadian music festivals.

The report came in response to five deaths across Canada at events in 2014. This included drug-related incidents at Veld that left two people dead and 13 others hospitalized.

“We see more and more newer substances appearing in the drug marketplace and some of the substances that have appeared have very little human data,” said Young...

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