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Music Fans Tell Us Their Absolute Worst Festival Stories


Trigger Warning: These aren't just weirdly bizarre occurrences at music festivals. Some of these stories do contain violence and the threat of sexual assault so please continue to read at your own risk.

This article originally appeared on The Independent

We’re in the thick of summer 2016 and the biggest music festivals are heading toward a town near you. As music fans strap their camel backs, pepper spray and camping gear to face scores of inclement weather and drunk folks, they'll have the unique opportunity to experience some of the best damn entertainment in the world. From Glasto to Bonnaroo to EDC — we caught up with music fans and asked them about the strangest things they’ve been through over the years.

Warning: Some of the following stories are suggestive, containing violence and incidents of sexual assault.

Drunk Drivers
Sasquatch 2015. A guy was totally spun out of his mind, and jumped in some girls car, tore her out of the driver's seat, and proceeding to gun it, running over like 10 tents with people sleeping inside (it was about 8am). Looked like a tornado blew through. Terrifying.

Prime Intellect

Tricked Into Sex Labor
Bonnaroo, 2014. I went for Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Little Dragon, Frank Ocean, Chaka Khan and Cake. I was supposed to go with two girls who I knew, and just before, one had to miss the festival for a funeral, so they gave me her ticket.

We drove 10 hours from Ohio, packed into a car with four 19-year-old boys my friend knew from work. I thought we would set up camp with the guys but instead, we met up with some other dude, and the three of us cliqued up. I finally understood that this guy wasn't sh*t when he started commenting about my clothing and breasts saying I should wear a smaller top because he wanted to see god’s creations… this dude was a f*cking creep.

One night after seeing Wiz Khalifa, we were chilling in the tent, on mushrooms and probably coke. Someone started to rub my leg. I said I needed air and walked out. My friend followed me and suggested that I go back into the tent and take more drugs, and “maybe you can take that cover up off and we'll see what happens.”

That’s when I realized I was a sex fill-in and my two friends had an arrangement with this dude: he would buy their Bonnaroo tickets, drugs, and alcohol, in exchange for sex whenever he wants it. I told my friend to f*ck off for tricking me and she still tried to guilt trip me for not having sex with this nasty dude. Needless to say, our friendship fell apart after she tried to sell me into sex labor without my consent.

To make things worse, there were so many white people wearing "f*ck Kanye" shirts and booing him during his set. The creepy threesome guy also hated Kanye and wouldn’t stay for his show. And he eventually made me pay for my ticket—because I didn't have sex with him.

— Haneen, 25


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