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Don’t Let Opportunistic Crooks Set Your Festival on a Low Note: Here's Our Guide to Worry-Free Concert Going


Have you ever had your phone or wallet stolen while you were in the middle of a 5,000 person crowd?

Yup, us too.

Author Sally Hamilton gives you lots of tricks and tips about how to keep your valuables safe before you head off on your next music festival adventure.

This article originally appeared on This Is Money

The festival season is in full swing, reaching a peak next month. Though fun, such events provide rich pickings for opportunistic crooks.

To ensure the only thing you lose is your inhibitions, follow The Mail on Sunday’s guide to worry-free concert going.


Tips for Festival Goers

  1. Avoid taking expensive gadgets. But if you do, download a free tracking app for your phone to help locate it if it is lost or stolen.
  2. Leave a note of the item’s make and model and any passwords at home as backup.
  3. Always use the phone’s security lock or PIN number to stop someone else using it.
  4. Use a locker on site to store valuables usually for free or a small charge.
  5. Use a pouch and lanyard for your phone so it can’t stray far.
  6. Make sure your tent stands out in some way so you can find it. Security suggestions include leaving it messy and to spread items around inside even when you are in it. Secure it when away to help deter opportunistic thieves.


See all the tips that Sally Hamilton has compiled to ensure that you don't have your valuables stolen! Read the full story at This is Money!

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