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Dillon Francis on How He Has Fun, Loves Moombahton, and Hates Reality Shows


Dillon Francis is anything but boring. For proof of said statement, look no further than any of his social media outlets, all of which are filled with hilarious (and oftentimes bizarre) images and videos that illustrate the DJ and producer’s absurd and irreverent sense of humor.

Over on his constantly updated Instagram and Twitter feeds, there are clips of Francis’ misadventures with his pet piñata, Gerald, or other offbeat randomness. (To wit: One recent series of clips features him flipping out in comedic fashion over the RIAA accidentally misspelling the word “certification” on his platinum record for his blockbuster track, “Get Low.”) Meanwhile, his YouTube account features episodes of DJ World, the parody series he created with fellow producer Getter and Vine superstar Nick Coletti that skewers both EDM culture and the vapidity of reality television.

Amongst all these gags or amusing examples of Francis’ off-kilter sense of humor, you’ll also encounter his latest tracks and music videos, which are heavily influenced by moombahton, including the recently released single “Candy,” which have proven to be phenomenally popular.

Francis has become one of the EDM world’s more notable producers in recent years, as evidenced by the success of several tracks he’s helped create, including "When We Were Young,” "Set Me Free,” and “Coming Over.” Then there’s the aforementioned hit, “Get Low,” a collaboration with current “it” producer DJ Snake that the EDM world went bonkers over back in 2014.

Despite all his success in the EDM world, Francis seems downright humble about his career. When New Times spoke with Francis recently by telephone in honor of his Fourth of July performance at Maya Day and Nightclub in Scottsdale, he described how he feels lucky to be able to do what he does for a living.

“Its really cool that every year it just keeps getting better and better,” Francis says, “And I'm able to give different music and different jokes on Instagram and the DJ World stuff. I'm just having fun and I wouldn't be able to do that without being able to play all those shows.”

Besides exploring how Francis is having a blast both onstage and off, we also discussed how his particular sense of humor is a reflection of his now-famous mantra of “I.D.G.A.F.O.S.” (shorthand for “I Don’t Give a Fuck or Shit”), how it may have stemmed from his sheltered childhood, why he loves moombahton, and what goes into creating episodes of DJ World.

Oh, and we also inquired about what he’s got planned for his Fourth of July performance at Maya and how it may (or may not) include wizard staffs or flying hot dogs.

Let's get the most important question out of the way first. Have you gotten a new platinum record for "Get Low" with the proper spelling of "certification" on it?

Yes. They somehow sent it immediately. I don't know, someone must've seen it and I got it the next day at like mid-day. So, probably the fastest platinum record I've been given from someone after they messed it up, I think.

God bless Instagram.
God bless it. [Laughs]

Per your motto, why don't you give a fuck or shit about anything?
Um…it's not not giving a fuck or shit about anything...

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