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Your EDM Exclusive Interview with Oliver Heldens, On House Music, Rave Culture and More

Over the past couple of years, one of the biggest and fastest rising names in the dance music scene has been Oliver Heldens. Three years ago, the bearded Dutchman released his breakthrough single “Gecko” on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom label and single-handedly ushered the future house genre into the mainstream. Since then, he’s shed any genre-shackling labels to become one of the biggest producer/DJs on the planet; his disco and house influences are instantly recognizable. Your EDM got to sit down with Oliver at EDC Las Vegas to discuss the future of house music, Oliver’s journey, and his impressions of American rave culture.

What’s the journey been like for you the last few years? You came out with “Gecko” a little while back and ever since then it’s been up and onward.

“Yeah it’s been crazy, so basically I was making music since I was 12, and then about 15-16 I stepped it up, in my head and then I started to get really dedicated. I mean, I was 16, my musical taste was still in its development. So when I was 16 I was making so many different kinds of music and then in the end of 2012, I got really inspired by the UK deep house scene, like Julio Bashmore, Disclosure, Shadow Child. And it also like, took me back to my roots kind of, like 2006-2009 club sounds, and then I was like oh, I love this UK deep house and it was just like combining my influences all spontaneously, like “Gecko” and “Koala.” And that blew up, like big time, and now we’re here like three years later and I’m kind of a superstar DJ, which is crazy...


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